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Food Hall/Public Market, Initially, emulating Steve Carlin’s Oxbow Public Market in Napa, California, and features of the Seattle Pike Street Public Market.

Currently, there is substantial interest in taking space within the facility from agricultural and aquaculture producers in the area to use this venue for brand awareness.  

Award-Winning Wines

Featuring award-winning wines from the great Northwest.

The Snake River Valley, which, similarly to Spain, has hot summer days, cold nights, and little rainfall, a trifecta that’s especially conducive to grape-growing. Its cold winters that allow vines to go dormant are also helpful, as is its high elevation and volcanic soil.

Food and Wine calls Snake River Valley “America’s next must-visit wine region,” while Travel and Leisure says it’s “producing some of the most surprisingly tasty wines in the US.”

Read more about Idaho wines from Insider Magazine.


Aquaculture or “aquatic foods” are foods grown in or harvested from water including all types of fish, shellfish and mollusks, edible crustacea, reptiles, amphibians, etc. 

We are proud to offer aquatic food that is low in saturated fats, high in protein, and packed full of important nutrients including omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, and B vitamins.

These nutrients are essential in maintaining your health—particularly your brain, eyes, and immune system.

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Promoting local manufacturers & brands together.
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Warfield Distillary

Warfield Brewery and Distillery: This is a craft brewing company based in Ketchum, Idaho. Currently a tenant in my warehouse in Hailey, Idaho. I see having them here will help them build their brand awareness, as they are looking to sell their goods on a much broader scale. They would like to be retailing their beer and liquors from this location. Currently, they sell into several states including via the Idaho State liquor stores, and they would like to expand their distribution. Here they will have a full-on restaurant much as they have in Ketchum, along with brewing four or five types of beer.

KB's Burritos

KB’s Burritos: A well-received local brand here in the Sun Valley (Hailey and Ketchum) area, as well as in Boise, Twin Falls. A very successful brand, that is looking to expand its presence in other markets. Participating in the Public Market provides us a notable brand, as well as an opportunity for them to promote their growth to other markets.

Sun Valley Coffee/Bakery

Sun Valley Coffee/Bakery: Currently doing business as Hailey Coffee Company, in an effort to have a broader acceptance and notable brand, rebranding here in the Public Market for the purpose of expanding their presence into new markets. Their intent is to both offer coffee and baked goods for sale, as well as a restaurant, with unique “wood-fired” prepared meals in the restaurant, emulating the famous Kanab Creek Bakery. As a novel presence, they will be roasting coffee here for people to see.

Steak House

Looking to have a formal steak house type restaurant on the second floor, that will capture the views of the beautiful scenery and mountains in the distance. The planned facility provides a couple of unique features, including a large venue for parties, service group meetings, and add to the convention motif of the Museum and Innovation center, as a separate, but related venue. Jerome currently lacks both the upper-end restaurant and meeting rooms that are readily available and conveniently located.

Fish Grower/Supplier

We have a local fish grower/supplier that has agreed to sell to us. His aquaculture facility farms sturgeon, catfish, trout, and tilapia, and sells the sturgeon row (caviar). We will have salmon from other sources for the fish market.

True-West Beef

We met with True-West Beef, they are interested in the Meat Market, as well as the folks at Independent Food Corp, which is the parent company of Falls Brand meats. I believe it is a terrific way for all these local manufacturers to promote their brands, (Cheese companies, Falls Brand, etc.).


There are many small boutique craft cheese companies, small businesses that sell craft goods such as jams, smoked fish, artisan goods, gifts, and souvenirs. The Galleria is a clear story open to the roof, on which we intend to hang an antique stagecoach, or chuckwagon or other items that will cross-promote the Museum and U of I Discovery Center.

Wine & Cheese

Wine and Cheese Market, a very popular part of the Oxbow facility.

Event Showcase

•Conferences •Weddings •Public Engagements •Seminars •Festivals •Tradeshows •Workshops & Classes - you name it.

Future Flatiron Public Market Renderings


Chef Jay Veregge was named executive chef and all-around leader of Warfield’s gastropub in 2019.  Chef Jay brings more than 25 years of culinary creativity to the table, always with a focus on seasonality and sourcing locally.

In addition to Jay being a lifelong farmer, he studied at the French Academy of Culinary Arts and was trained by some of the very best chefs in the world. In fact, he started his culinary training as an apprentice to Pierre Gagnier in France. And, before joining Warfield Distillery & Brewery, Chef Jay held Executive Chef positions at the Hotel Donatello’s Portobello and Tadich Grill — which received a James Beard Award under his direction — in San Francisco, the Bella Fresca Restaurant in Berkeley and the Big Water Grille Restaurant in Incline Village, Nevada. He opened his own restaurant Le Bistro in Lake Tahoe and later partnered on the Wolf House Restaurant in Sonoma, then a Michelin-rated restaurant. 

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